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Tariel's Notable Organizations - Part 1 by Levodoom Tariel's Notable Organizations - Part 1 by Levodoom
A handful of organization symbols I've had lying around for a while. Thought that I might as well just upload them here. I'll likely upload more eventually, hence the 'Part 1'.

Tariel is a world home to hundreds if not thousands of various organizations, cults, orders and more, and not all of them are as commonly well known as these seven.

The Feathereyes are a fairly cunning band of thieves, spies and other rogue-like characters. They hold a great deal of influence in the region of North Dales, and particularly so in the cities of Dragonhall and Falstyrm, and their specialty is in the trade of secrets.

The Shadow Agents are an ancient order of assassins who, in ages past, worked in secrecy for the great kings of the High Marches. They are believed to have disbanded after the War of Kings, yet rumors speak of their kind still operating in cities such as Northgate, Rivenhall, Loth and Ascalan. As befit for their name, the Shadow Agents are masters in the arts of Shadow Magic; one of the great reasons for why they are not a welcome sight these days, since they practice in illegal magic.

The Cult of the Forsaken, a group of necromancers in service to a nameless God of Death, were formed in the Age of Death during the Great Plague. As their influence grew, they attempted to take control over the nation of Amaranthia, which they were successful in. However, during the rebellion that followed their conquest of the nation, they were overthrown and their influence was reduced significantly. There are still pockets of necromantic circles of the Cult who wander the lands, but in no similar strength or power as that of their past.

The Brotherhood of Blades was established after the defeat of the Riven Blade; a rebel movement which attempted to overthrow the king of Rivana in favor of forming a republic. With the rebellion destroyed, the Brotherhood of Blades was founded as a band of freedom fighters, but to this day is more considered to be a group of lowly bandits and thugs who stalk the forests and roads.

The Dawnseekers are true believers in the Light of the Divine, and came to the High Marches to spread the word of the Divine Faith. Though they have so far been moderately successful in their attempts to convert the non-believers, their primary focus these days are in the protection of the innocent by means of hunting down the many wild monstrosities that stalk the lands of the north.

The League of Coins was founded in the Age of Coins in the nation of Thalon, and has since then been the largest and most influential trade organization in the entire world. They are responsible for the use of common currency in the lands of their influence, and they are also the ones who supervise the general trade of goods and their value. As the largest trade organization, they are also the wealthiest organization in the world, and thus they often lend money to those who require it. This is done through their sub-group; the Balfon Bank. And with their wealth and influence, their power is almost impossible to match, and thus it would be wise to not cross them when it is time to repay the loan.

The Convocation of Mages is one of the six recognized Mage Orders in the world, and is dominantly responsible for the magical affairs that occur in the lands of Avanor and in some parts of Norrhan. They currently maintain the city of Palinthal on the island of Caldum; one of the few remaining free mage cities in the world. They are one of the oldest orders in the world, and has many times suffered at the hands of those who fear or hate magic and mages. All individuals recognized for their talents and affinity of magic are sent to the Convocation, where they train and study for many decades to learn how to best control their powers. Eventually some of these individuals are contacted by kings and lords for the purpose of serving as advisors; a deal they must uphold because of the Caldum Treaty.

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CharmyRaven Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
These are brilliant designs!
I-AM-FINALLY-FREE Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*Facepalms*  You know you need sleep when you misread "Cult of the Forsaken" as "Cult of the Foreskin".  Regardless, these look awesome!
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